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Welcome to Endurance

Customize your control console

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Customized solutions for the future

The value of Endurance Consoles lies in the capacity for innovation to offer the best customized solutions in the development of products for your control rooms. We focus on your needs to help you improve your work environment through control consoles and other technical furniture solutions that fit the needs of your workers. The care of the details is our brand identity throughout the manufacturing process to offer you the most advanced products in the industry.

Technical furniture specialists

We have years of experience in the development of projects around the world together with large multinationals. The seed of our business, DR Representaciones was born in Spain and grew every day creating innovative products for varied work environments, control consoles for air traffic control towers of some of the most important airports in Europe and America, control rooms for armed forces from different parts of the globe, television studios and security centers among many other projects.


We offer two ranges of consoles that you can configure and customize to your needs. When you work in a critical environment, your operators must have the greatest comfort and capacity, so we guarantee the quality and ergonomics of each of our products.

You can choose the best option for the future with our Scout consoles line that will allow you to make new changes in your control room simply by reconfiguring the arrangement of the consoles, expanding them or redistributing the modules so that you always have control of your control room . For control consoles with advanced features you can opt for our line of Alyssa consoles.


We help you in the design and construction of your control room. Our consoles adapt to any work environment thanks to its modularity and customization capacity.

We carry out comprehensive projects in which we take care of the design, manufacture and layout of the technical furniture you need to achieve an environment of total control over your processes in different industries such as air, sea and land traffic control, emergency rooms, emergency centers industrial control or realization studies for radio and television among others. Airports, companies and armed forces around the world have trusted us to achieve their goals.

Technical furniture for total control

We are specialized in your industry and your work environment to offer you the best result. We design and manufacture an extensive range of technical furniture and consoles which are highly adaptable to the characteristics of each project to meet our customer’s every need. Additionally, we have exclusive, patented qualities in the design of all our technical furniture and consoles. Endurance Consoles maintains the most qualified team in the industry to offer the best products in the market.

More control consoles than you can imagine

Tecnichal Furniture . ACC.


A line of control consoles specially designed to create your control room in a modular and scalable way leaving the door open for future modifications.

Tecnichal Furniture. Control Centers.


For control consoles with a high level of performance, we offer Ayssa. A high commitment between design and quality for a state-of-the-art work environment.

Technical Furniture Solutions for air control traffic


We offer a wide range of optional accessories for all our control consoles. Adjust each of your positions to the needs of your control room and the operator.

Solutions in quality technical furniture.

Certified technical furniture solutions

Endurance Consoles was born in order to offer its experience, innovation and services to the American market of technical furniture. Our distinctiveness, emphasis on quality and ability to tailor our products to our customers exacting requirements are keys to our success and your Guaranteed satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality, procedures and compliance to standards are a critical component in our daily activities and is intrinsic to our team’s approach to the design, manufacture and installation of our products. Additionally, we encourage our employees to maintain the highest-level industry knowledge and domain expertise as applied to their specific fields.

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Projects all over the world

We have projects extended to each continent. Customers from all over the world have trusted us for their technical furniture solutions

We provide solutions in technical furniture for control rooms of very diverse industries. For years we have worked on projects for different industries and customers around the world. Our control consoles are operating satisfactorily in airports, military operating rooms, industries or television studios, among others.

We were the first to offer control consoles with a high range of customization and adjusted to the needs of each client, aiming from the beginning to offer top quality products with the best design. Our consoles are exceeding expectations in airports, military operation centers, industrial communication centers, and broadcast studios.




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