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We are much more than manufacturers of technical furniture

Technical furniture manufacturer

We are an international manufacturer of technical furniture that offers a wide range of technical consoles for centers and control rooms. Our mission is to offer unlimited possibilities to adapt the product to the characteristics of each project.

So that each client has the guarantee of satisfying their needs, we offer a wide range of optional equipment for each of our control consoles. Our exclusive design and adaptations are found in all our technical and console furniture.

Operator manufacturing technical furniture
technical furniture design

Continuous innovation to do better

Our team of highly qualified engineers has been specializing and learning about best practices on ergonomics and quality for technical positions in control rooms and critical work environments for years. They continuously monitor and study the market to provide solutions and alternatives adapted to the needs of each project and each client. Solving any technical or mechanical requirement.

Our continuous growth motivates us to continue progressing as a company and as manufacturers of technical furniture, transmitting the latest innovations to our products and services.

Create, innovate and move towards control consoles of the future

Our goal is to create and design consoles that adapt to any work environment or control room. Our vision is to manufacture the best consoles and accessories for our technical furniture always thinking of our customers. We try to continually move towards a range of products that allow the modification of your control room with minimal effort through modular consoles and the incorporation of high quality elements.

Our Philosophy

  • Design products that adapt to the needs of the client, the site, the equipment and the system
  • Offer the highest level of service and customer support
  • Offer a product and service of the highest quality in order to meet the current and future needs of our customers by providing innovation, continuous product and process improvement, and, cutting-edge technology
  • Build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partners
  • Share our success with our customers, partners and employees
  • Help our clients to achieve their goals by providing advice, products and services they need, when they need them

Our technical furniture is born here

Endurance Consoles has more than 10,800 ft2 of space shared between the manufacturing unit, technical office, administration, assembly and show room. These facilities are located in Madrid (Spain).

Endurance Consoles manufactures nearly all components included in our products in order to ensure maximum quality control.

Quality technical furniture

Endurance is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Complementing this certificate, Endurance Consoles has a computerized management system to provide the highest quality in both our technical furniture manufacturing processes and in our products and services. We encourage our employees to maintain the highest quality work level and to familiarize themselves with ISO guidelines to obtain the best quality in all facets of the company. We provide quality and monitoring reports annually to our suppliers.

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