Control rooms for your industry

We are involved in a wide range of projects in which we work closely with the customer on the design, layout and manufacture of the technical furniture needed to achieve success. Our products can be found in the following domains: transportation (e.g., air, sea and land); emergency response; network operations; cybersecurity; industrial; utilities; and, broadcast (e.g.,radio and television). Airports, industries, companies, armed forces and government officials throughout the globe have trusted and partnered with us to provide solutions optimized to their needs and the realization of the goals for his control rooms.

Adapt your control rooms to your needs

When we talk about control centers, operations centers and critical work environments, we are talking about delicate, necessary and focused work on very specific functions. For this reason, it is important to adapt your consoles and technical furniture in general to your industry and your specific objectives.

air traffic control rooms

Air traffic and transport

Specific technical furniture for the aeronautical and transport sector in general. Control Towers (TWR), ACC / APP and different technical positions for Railway Traffic Control Centers and Control Rooms, Urban Traffic Management, etc.

industrial control rooms

Industrial control rooms

Process control centers for all those facilities in which a control rooms is necessary for 24/7 continuous monitoring. We can easily adapt our technical furniture to nearly any situation

geverment and military control rooms

Security control centers

Furniture for emergency centers, crisis rooms, emergency and relief services, surveillance, etc. We have specific technical furniture for the defense sector, whether for on-board equipment, mobile sites or other specific applications.

communications control rooms

Communications control rooms

Furniture adapted to the communications sector: broadcast centers, customer service centers, television studios, CPDs, Datacenters, televisión studios, etc. We adapt our product to the needs of each application in order to meet the requirements for each job.

At Endurance Consoles we know the importance of every detail, each operator, each function and we offer high quality products that allow you to have functional and scalable work environments that will allow you to evolve your control rooms in parallel to how your room evolves control thanks to our modular and fully customizable consoles.

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