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Specific furniture for the aeronautical and transport sector in general. Control Towers (TWR), ACC / APP and different technical positions for Railway Traffic Control Centers, Urban Traffic Management, etc.

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Process control centers for all those facilities in which a control center is necessary for 24/7 continuous monitoring. We can easily adapt our furniture to nearly any situation

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Furniture for emergency centers, crisis rooms, emergency and relief services, surveillance, etc. Specific furniture for the defense sector, whether for on-board equipment, mobile sites or other specific applications

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Furniture adapted to the communications sector: broadcast centers, customer service centers, television studios, CPDs, Datacenters, etc. We adapt our product to the needs of each application

Optional elements

At Endurance Consoles we know that every industry, sector and job have very different functions and perform different tasks, that is why we give the option of integrating elements at the request of the client that allow adjusting the needs with the maximum detail.