Alyssa Console

Innovation makes us move forward, Alyssa makes you better

The ALYSSA consoles line has the capacity to adapt to Air Traffic Control Centers (ACC), Airport Control Tower (TWR) positions, Simulators and Industrial Process Control Centers. Fulfilling the necessary configuration for the incorporation of equipment and with the capacity to adjust to all the requirements of the site and the needs of the client..

The products of the Ayssa range are configurable and can be complemented with optional equipment to adjust to the requirements of your work environment, from the integration of monitors to customization with the company logo through LED lighting or double level for the chapels among others

Alyssa Features

We design in such a way that you can manage the wiring without the need for tools.

Possibilities to configure the console in single or split level. Aesthetic design with soft lines

Configurations, straight, curve, concave, convex, in the shape of “L” and polygonal, adapting to the required shape and location

Horizontal and vertical channels for cable management, with front and rear access with magnetic fixation

The furniture features, rear skirts and vinyl on the side covered with the customer’s logo

Each console has front and rear access to facilitate assembly and maintenance tasks

Rack modules in 10 “and 19” formats, in the same way, recordable legs or drawers in 10 “and 19” format

Possibility of choosing material on the work surface and the color finishes

Alyssa Enviroments

ACC Console

ALYSSA ACC can be configured for Air Traffic Control Centers (ACC) specific to the civil and defense sector. Configuration options such as Planner, Executive or double position (complete UCS). Incorporating and integrating all the necessary elements for the proper development of each position.

Control Centers

ALYSSA CI, is configured specifically adapted to the Control Centers of industrial processes, which require furniture 24/7, adapting its design to the needs of the client, according to the type of industry and equipment required.


Range of consoles designed for Control Tower simulators. They incorporate the same equipment as the real positions. In the formats required by the client. They can include supports for projectors or simulation monitors, according to the simulators design.


ALYSSA TWR, is configured specifically to be adapted to the beacons of the Control Towers. In running positions or in individual positions. Including the Supervision positions, which follow the aesthetics and functionality of the operative positions.

You can also see Scout, our line of modular consoles that will allow you to adapt your work environment to any requirement that your needs and your space require or complement your Alyssa modules with the optional elements necessary to adapt them to the requirements of your project