Scout Console

If you can imagine it, we make it happen. Scout: modular consoles to meet your needs

This line is defined by how easy it is to expand it in size by adding modules and equipment integration. The design concept of this console gives the possibility of hosting a large number of equipment and systems without the need to greatly increasing the dimensions of the console. Always complying with the rules of ergonomics and without sacrificing the operator’s useful space.

In addition to building your furniture in a modular way to adapt it to your requirements, Scout can be equipped with the necessary elements for each job in this mode becomes a 100% customizable option to cover every detail you need to incorporate into your environment of work

Scout Features

Designed specifically for each team or element to integrate

The chapels are designed to be modular and simple to incorporate the equipment to be integrated

Each console includes two adjustable legs to incorporate equipment inside such as PJ, USB, etc.

It has as many horizontal cables as 19″ modules connected, to facilitate the management of wiring between modules.

Customer´s logo on back and side covers.

Possibility to choose the color of the console among a wide range of available possibilities.

As many modules as desired depending on the equipment. These modules are 19 “wide and 14U high.

Each module can accommodate two vertical tower PCs. These have brushes on the back for cable management.

Scout Enviroments

ACC Consoles

SCOUT ACC can be configured for Air Traffic Control Centers specificly to the civil and defense sector. With the possibility of incorporating a slatwall with the necessary dimensions, according to the console, to create a more closed environment.

Posiciones técnicas

The SCOUT line can be configured to different environments and sectors such as control centers, simulators, technical positions, etc.


SCOUT TWR, designed specifically to be adapted to the beacons of the Control Towers. In running positions or in individual positions. Including the Supervision positions, which follow the aesthetics and functionality of the operative positions.

You can also see Alyssa, our line of adaptable console, designed especially for traffic control environments and industrial process centers or configure your Scout modules with the optional elements in order to obtain the best adaption to you project requirements